100 standard drone docks in 20 days are what HEISHA can produce now
July 17, 2021
As HEISHA drone docking stations including three sizes based on DPad 60, DPad 80, and DPad 135 drone charging pad are gaining uprising attention and orders. Many people start to wonder how many drone docks can HEISHA produce each month. 
The production capacity issue has been taken into serious consideration in the last 15 months before finding an efficient and practical solution. 
One of the biggest challenges was that our drone dock has been updated continuously to fulfill customers' requirements and to achieve a better performance, which was a necessary process for every technology product. But its effect was more profound than it looks, the BOM was changing all the time, so were the suppliers, which led to the inventory instability and the difficulty of quality control. 
Now about twenty to forty standard DNEST drones in a box and D80 drone docks are shipped to different countries, the following quality control process is also assured. 100 sets of fully inspected drone docks in 20 days are what HEISHA can make currently. 
Instead of gathering components and assembling them manually into each single drone dock, all the parts of HEISHA drone docking stations are produced by the production line now to make sure less human intervention before the final test, which can decrease the error in every aspect and increase the producing efficiency. 
About HEISHA drone docks
HEISHA autonomous drone docking stations cover three different sizes from 60cm to 80cm, and 135cm drone charging pad, is compatible with DJI Mavic, Phantom, Matrice 300, Autel EVO, and other drones. All of them integrate the automated take-off, self-landing, and charging functions along with the real-time video and image capture in different perspectives by remote controlling the camera. All the functions can be controlled remotely in front of a laptop with a 4G or 5G connection.