A complete flight demo of the D135 drone dock from a Chongqing customer

May 25, 2021

This D135 drone dock purchased by a Chongqing customer is applied to the community patrol mission, the equipped DJI Matrice 300 with up to 55 minutes Max. Flight time greatly enlarges the patrolling range, our client has sent us a complete flight demonstration of how does D135 work in a mission.
The whole mission is operated remotely through a laptop, our customer has recorded the whole operation process. By accessing a website with the given account and password, one can easily preset a flight mission and a geo-fence, after opening the drone dock canopy and stop drone charging, you can start the drone. A preflight preparation to check on the whole drone charging system will be processed for a safe flight mission after starting the preset mission, then the drone will take off after a click. Either Zoom in and out, or change the perspective can all be achieved with a few types on the keyboard. Capturing a picture and record a video are also recorded during the flight.
The drone is automatically returned after finishing this waypoint flight, the landing is also autonomous, no interference is required. The recorded image and video are also displayed at the end of the demo, you can find them in the video below.
As a city that is famous for the second cloudy city in the whole world, there are about 1/3 days are cloudy annually in Chongqing, so the output image and video are not as clear as in other places. 
About D135 drone dock
HEISHA D135 drone dock is the largest size of drone charging dock that HEISHA Tech has developed, it is suitable for big sizes industrial drones like DJI Matrice300 and 210. It takes 90 minutes to fully charge a DJI Matrice 300 and works in severe weather due to the built-in air conditioner. Both the single-axis rotation and the Fishbone structure grant the sturdiness and durability of D135. Multiple protection measures are also taken for assuring a safe flight including over-voltage, overload, and power-off protection, etc. To better monitor the environmental condition for the drone’s safety, a weather station with wind, rain, temperature, and humidity sensors, and a night indicator are optional if the customer is planned the place the D135 drone dock outdoor under a harsh environment.