HEISHA Technology
HEISHA Technology is found in 2018, focuses on drone charging pads and stations. DNEST fully autonomous drone system as the leading product, D80 and D135 drone charging dock hardware solution, and DPad series drone charging pads are the rest main products of HEISHA. 
HEISHA takes less than three years to upgrade the drone charging pad for five generations.

Five generations drone charging pad
The first drone charging pad C200 was released by the end of 2018, its centralizing charging method is proved to be the most high-efficient and reliable way to charge the drone. 5 months later, the second generation drone charging pad C300 was launched with upgraded material of charging pad and charging poles. Later in 2019, a standard drone charging pad C300 M2 was developed for charging DJI Mavic2. 
The third generation of drone charging pad C500 was upgraded at the beginning of 2020 with a more integrated PCB board built-in and glass fiber as the material of the charging pad. The next generation of C500 Plus had improved the structure for better stability, which was released by the middle of 2020.
At the beginning of 2021, the fifth generation of drone charging pad DPad was upgraded and had two sizes of versions for different drones. 

Drone charging station and dock
DNEST drone in-a-box solution was developed before DPad, which integrated self take-off, auto-landing, and self-charging all-in-one, it was a complete ready-to-use autonomous drone solution with DJI Mavic2 Zoom packed inside. D135 drone charging dock was on February 2021 for charging large commercial drones like DJI Matrice300.
From DPad drone charging pad, DNEST drone charging station, to D80 D135 drone charging dock, all of HEISHA products are drone charging related and will continue to be the only concentrated product. Only focus makes the close to perfect product, HEISHA believes.

Flexible optional drone charging components
Besides a whole set of drone charging pad and dock, HEISHA also provides flexible drone charging components, PCB board, charging canopy, or customize drone charging stations for your self-developed drone are all available. Any part you need, HEISHA can make the deal. 

HEISHA partners including global regional Exclusive Distributors and long-term strategic cooperation

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