Why can’t drones achieve precision landing 100%?
Since the customers received C300M2, they gave a lot of feedback. Here is an open letter for customers caring for the drone precision landing.

Customer question:
 I received C300M2 and had more than 20 flights. The drone failed once landing at the charging pad. Please help me to solve this problem.

Heisha answer:
The charging pad application relies closely on the precision landing of DJI products. Before using our charging pad, please make sure the charging pad is put in the right place. There is two way as below:
(1)After turn on the drone, check the GPS signal is no less than 15 bars through Heisha APP.
(2)If the GPS signal is not up to the requirement, please using the ground as the landing pad, mark the take-off spot, fly and land the drone for at least 10 cycles. Make sure the average shifting distance from the landing spot and the take-off spot is within 10 CM.

For more details please kindly refer to the official user manual.
After the customer follows the guide, he has successfully found the right place and never failed again.