Super charging pad for your drone

C300 is a total upgrade from the previous C200 charging pad, features the latest telemetry module and standard control protocols, for developers to build their own complete unattended solution.

Remote Telemetry Control

Access live drone telemetry, enable subject-matter experts and operators to control the camera gimbal and direct the mission remotely

Autonomous Flights

Plan & execute automated, repeatable drone missions with your own command center via HEISHA SDK


HEISHA’s precision landing technology enables drones to autonomously and accurately land on charging pads, for multi-hour drone operations.
Main component

  • Vision based precision landing technology centimeter-level accuracy
  • Unique locking structure for high reliability and safety
  • Standard API, easy for further development
  • Fast charge at high environmental temperature
  • High compatibility with all VOTL drones, including the entire series of DJI
  • Get live HD video feed (up to 4K) over the cloud with latency <1 sec over 4G/5G