DJI Marvic 2/ Mavic 2 Pro Automatic Charging Pad for Indoor or Outdoor

HEISHA C500 M2 is a complete set of drone charging solution specifically developed for DJI Mavic 2 and Mavic 2 Pro. With this drone self-charging station, the mission will start automatically once you set the waypoint, fully automatic recharging and remote control work perfectly without any other force involved. No more changing and charging batteries, certainly, no pilot required. The built-in LTE module allows you to watch the real-time video via APP anywhere mobile internet covered with, it works smoother with 5G internet.

Fast charging:45mins 

Life time: 
>20000 recharging

Internet of drones: Support LTE/5G

Open SDK

Mobile APP

Unattended technology:C500M2 is easy to build powerful drone charging station network

Heisha C500 M2 with Mavic 2, an affordable way to realize fully drone’s autonomous, is a landing pad with automatic drone recharging and connected with cloud server to help users watch the real-time video across the regions. Don’t need to consider training a skillful pilot on the ground, lower the cost for hiring and training pilots. No more fretting about drone crashed lost because of pilots’ error. 
Heisha opens for interface and development protocol to support customers’ second development, such as drone in the box solution.

heisha drone charging pad for police 2

Heisha C500 M2 empower drones to be used in multiple applications

Frequent recharging and battery replacement processes limit the appropriate use of drones in most applications. Drone charging stations is a highly promising solution to empower drones to be used in multiple applications like agriculture, security inspections,Infrastructure management, disaster-relief, delivery service, outdoor-Indoor navigation, exploration of hazardous area which is not safe for humans.
Heisha focus on improve the drone recharging efficiency and safety, C500 M2 was upgraded 2 generations, it can be as a standard core part for more powerful drone charging station. 

C500 M2 drone charging pads in stock
Auto Charge Plus Safe Charge

The centering design of the charging pad enables successful wireless charging at any position of landing. Based on the highly integrated PCB board, the most subtle 5-in-1 internal control is finally realized for charging stability and reliability. 
To make this drone charging solution safer and more stable, glare protection and position feedback mechanism are added. More safety concerning development is merged into this drone charging pad, charging diagnose to monitor the working voltage and safeguard the pad from the abnormal working condition, double charging protection adopted with the advanced controlling method and circuit protection for monitoring and collection the charging current and voltage in rea-time.
Extend Flying Potential & Flexible Compatility

Inspection missions will be largely improved if the auto drone charging pad being deployed, what stands between the current situation and the fully unmanned age is just one C500 M2. Imagine other drone involved applications, what kind of achievements to be acquired if surveillance drones without resting, how many extra lives can be saved with limited drone resources yet restless working efficiency. The movie plot-like unmanned delivery across the warehouses will actually happen. Any signal of jeopardizing the border security will be recorded if the automatic drone charging solution is on duty. 
DJI Mavic 2, Mavic 2 Pro, or drones from other drone brands, even your self- developed drone, about 15 minutes takes to make it compatible with HEISHA C500 M2 drone charging pad, only 10 seconds for DJI drones to click and fly automatically as planned. 

Land on the charging pad to automatically recharge any drone without human intervention

15-minute integration with any drone platform. 10-seconds Click & Fly integration with DJI drones

Software platform for remote monitoring, control and diagnostic in the cloud and local network

Unattended technology: Truly unmanned
C500 M2 realized remotely gimble control, picture and video shot. It can independent judgment of take-off conditions.
Quick shot UI

Easy to use
Supports waypoint, once upload the mission, it can be saved. Just need one click to finish the same mission.

Completed tested and proper functioning more than 10 different applications

Patented 3 core technology in the method of charging design, protection solution and management system 

200+ company use Heisha C300M2 build drone outdoor indoor charging station in industrial applications

500+ cities coverage in security, farm survey, powerline inspection, harbor, construction site management

Unleash Flying Limitation of Drone
Auto drone charging platform
The age of drone is halted due to the battery limitation, several plans come from worldwide drone companies try to save the situation. Oil-powered, gas-power, and hydrogen-powered drones, even hybrid drones. But none of them have been able to shake the position of battery drones. Let’s trace back and think about what do we need a drone for, mostly for its flying flexibility, which can only be realized with batteries, but how to fix the battery limitation? Our answer is the auto drone charging platform.

C500M2 Specs


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