Compatible with DJI Mavic Air

High scalability with multi-interface Easy to integrate ad use

High reliability
7*24 hour stable operation


C200 Combo

C200 Combo-Charging pad with automatic reposition function
  • HEISHA C200 charging pad is designed and developed for automatic charging your DJI drone anywhere and anytime 
  • The charging pad sense your drone landing and start charging automatically
  • After full charging the reposition bar will open automatically

C200 charging pad for drone
Land your drone on the charging pad, no matter the position, your drone will be put in the home position by the reposition bar then start charging automatically
Mutli-interface and serial port are reserved in advance for increasing the system expansion and integration ability

  • Control interface: TTL
  • The charging current is adjustable, max. 6A
  • Input Voltage: 17.5V DC
  • Effective landing area: 45*45cm

CL 200

Special landing gear for Mavic Air
Equipped with the charging connector

CB 200

Customized Mavic Air smart battery
Battery manage