More than 1000 units HEISHA drone charging pad sold

18th Aug 2020, Shenzhen

Since HEISHA released the first generation of drone charging pad C200, HEISHA keeps focusing on the details polishing. Congratulations on more than 1000 units charging pad that has been sold until in August 2020. Among them, there are 67% is compatible with DJI drones, the other 33% is compatible with opensource drones and VTOL fixed-wing. 

HEISHA so appreciates the customer's understanding and supports. In the past year, we received more than 200 suggestions and ideas about how to improve the products. HEISHA team spends more than 1 year to optimize these suggestions and feedback. We released K100 in August and completed 3 generations' development, C200, C300, C500. Some partners already tested the C500, and they gave a highly comments. So far, we have C500 stocks, the goods can be shipped out within 3 days. 

“HEISHA will be a drone in a box solution hardware provider, our hardware platform must be the best and most stable, most cost-effective. To help the developers and complete solution provider the save time and save money is the value of HEISHA.” the CEO of HEISHA said.

roadmap of HEISHA drone charging pad