Customer demo of Heisha DNEST drone charging station
Jan. 14th 2021
Its really working! I saw their videos and didnt believe that Heisha really made drones self-landing and self-charging come true. But I just tested it, and it is true.     -Mr. Chen
A Chinese customer visited HEISHA Tech and took a complete operation of the DNEST drone in-a-box solution, we took few screenshots during the process.
After setting a new mission with a flight route (within the selected electric fence), the Freesky platform shows the preparation is done, by starting “start” the display picture is shifted to the view of the drone camera. Then the drone is ready to take off and begins its waypoint flight. 
We have chosen the auto-flight mode, we can use the number 1 and 2 of the computer keyboard to zoom in and out, change the direction via the keyboard arrow keys, and take pictures or videos before auto-landing.


If chosen the manual-flight mode, remote control the drone with WSAD keys like playing a game, leveling up or down the drone by the “space” and “shift” keys is pretty easy and cool, other controlling functions are the same as the auto-flight mode. Shift the view of the map and the drone view is very flexible, too. 
Then we have witnessed auto-landing of the drone after the mission completed, and saw the drone successfully landed on the charging pad, the centralizing function works amazing, as well as the self-charging.