D80 autonomous drone dock for park inspection in Colombia

February 26, 2022

This northern Colombia park that Heisha D80 automated drone docking station has been deployed covers over 150 square meters and stretches to the beach. 
It takes less than 2 minutes to automatically take off the drone and reach 100 meters in height. With the infrared camera and megaphone as payload, it can locate the missing person in the shortest time and wake them up if he was in a coma. 

D80 autonomous drone solution has completely changed the regular inspection mission, people can see the important area and high-risk place from an office with a laptop and 5G network, 720-degree panorama videos will be sent to the online command center in real-time, offers an in-time dynamic park map to the park management center. 
D80 drone dock is an industry-grade autonomous drone charging station, it integrates autonomous take-off, self-landing with charging functions. The drone can fly manually to check on the not-easy-to-reach areas even at night, automatically flying the preset waypoint mission as regular inspection only takes a few clicks. It can realize 7*24 unstopped inspection without sending people to charge it or replace the drone battery. Using D80 drone dock to charge different drones is firstly realized by Heisha as from 2s to 12s drone batteries are all compatible with. 
The A100 air conditioning system is innovational adopted in the D80 drone dock to ensure it can works outdoor even under severe weather. M100 remotely monitoring module is also a revolution, which can diagnose the drone dock and restart most hardware components remotely, it is truly realized the unmanned automated drone charging and maintenance.