DNEST Autel EVO &DJI Mavic compatible version is released under a5 wind force
May 21, 2021
The DNEST Autel EVO version is officially released under a 5 wind force scale with a successful precision landing.
This newly-released DNEST version not only works on the Autel EVO II series of drones but also on the DJI Mavic drone, almost covers all the enterprise multi-rotor drones in these two brands, which thanks to the upgraded smart drone charging control board that allows drones powered either by 3S or 4S batteries are all compatible. 
All the Autel EVO II series of drones are applicable to the DNEST drone in a box solution, including the 6K, 8K, and RTK models. 
It is a breakthrough in the drone industry that realizes different drones share the same drone charging platform, and this presetting can empower many applications that we don’t dare to imagine before. For example, if you were a drone service supplier, there are different brands of drones in your company, this new version of the DNEST will take care of the drone recharging problem whatever drone models you choose to use in an on-site mission. Or if you need different drones to accomplish multiple tasks, such as surveillance, video collection, and data analysis, all it takes is to switch to a different drone.

This cooperation between Autel and HEISHA has elevated the precision landing to a new level with up to over 99% of the success rate. The Autel drone is famous for its robustness and precision landing, while DNEST drone in-a-box is arising due to its reputation of automation with the smart self-charging system, the union of them will give the autonomous drone a big push.
DNEST is open to compatible with more drone models, welcome to join our wide-compatible club.