DNEST autonomous drone and FlytNow for Pampa Energia’s power plant inspection in Argentina

March 24, 2022
DNEST autonomous drone-in-a-box solution works with FlytBase’s FlytNow OS, is shown in Argentina, and works at the Pampa Energia for inspection and surveillance of power plants and wind farms, and survey of oil and gas exploration. 
Pampa Energia, as the largest independent energy company in Argentina, power generation and transmission are one of their major business, 85% of the high-voltage transmission of the country is operated by them. They are also the co-controllers of Transportadora del Gas del Sur (TGS) and transport 60% of the gas consumed in Argentina. 
Drones are quite popular in both power plant inspection and oil and gas surveys, Pampa Energia has started to use drones in 2016, and has their drone pilot fleet, but later they find out autonomous drones will make all the inspection and surveillance work much easier and convenient.
DNEST autonomous drone solution works with FlytNow allows an officer to inspect the powerline remotely from the office with a laptop, one click to take photos and videos for later data comparison, if the flight mission is completed, the drone will automatically return and precisely land on the charging station, then automatically charging itself. For drone service providers and large companies like Pampa Energia, DNESTs wide compatibility is the most suitable automated drone charging station, from 2s to 12s drone batteries are all compatible. 
FlytNow operation system integrates preplan missions, control and manage a fleet of drones and docking stations with high precision landing rate, and video/picture results record.
“We plan to have an autonomous drone on each facility, scheduled to fly a prerecorded path and record spots of interest that would be analyzed by a specialist in real-time or later through the recorded info.”
Marcelo Lopez, the UAV Specialist at Pampa Energia

DNEST is a complete drone in-a-box autonomous drone solution, it is the world's first autonomous drone charging station that is compatible with multiple drones at the same time, it is also the first autonomous drone solution that can be operated through a mobile phone. DNEST combines automated drone flight, drone charging, remote control, and real-time video capture functions altogether. Its small size and robust canopy design allow it to be deployed in a variety of applications including private villa security, farmland survey, construction site monitoring, etc.

DNEST drone in a box works for Pampa Energia wind farm