DNEST autonomous drone solution works with FlytNow and AfterFit for solar power plant inspection
March 24, 2022

This solar power plant of AfterFit is two hours away from Tokyo, it only takes a few minutes to use FlytBase’s FlytNow Operation System and control Heisha DNEST autonomous drone to fly to the site for inspection and security. 
“We’ve got two big benefits out of the drone docking station. One, saving travel costs. In order to get to this site, it will take about two hours from our nearest office and this leads to the second benefit, which is the quality of the service. Since we can control this drone from the office, we can do inspection more frequently, and it ensures our quality of service.”
-Yuji Kuwamizu, AfterFit

AfterFit is a Japanese renewable energy company making and selling green energy to companies and consumers. “Make renewable energy meaningful” is their mission, solar power is one of the renewable energy they endeavor to. One of the challenges of a solar power plant is the inspection work due to the large and remote area, DNEST autonomous drone with an infrared camera as payload makes the inspection work speedy and accurately, detecting hotspots, panel cracks, abnormal clusters and strings through the streaming videos only takes few clicks, the accuracy reaches 99.99% according to the data comparison from AfterFit. 
The FlytNow OS from Flytbase is tailored for autonomous drone-in-a-box solutions, which includes flight mission preplanning, remote control to fly a drone manually, video and photo shooting, and high-precision automatic landing of a drone. 
DNEST2 with up to 54 IP rating is robust enough for long-time outdoor work, the comprehensive air conditioning and conduct system allows it to work in a severe environment. The most difficult maintenance work is being taken care of by the M100 monitoring and diagnosis module, if something goes wrong, the operator can restart most hardware parts in front of a laptop. It is the smallest and cheapest drone charging station you can find on the market now. 
“We are excited to set up this system into many other power plants this year.”