DNEST DiaB completed another demo with a 5G supplier in Korea
July 17, 2021
HEISHA DNEST drone in-a-box autonomous drone solution just completed a demo with a 5G supplier in Korea, it is the second time that DNEST has worked with a 5G network. 
The demo was taken outdoor in a wide area with a strong 5G signal to make sure the operation of DNEST was under the smooth connection, seven waypoints were set during the flight under the geo-fence, the demo site was between a road and a river, a geo-fence is a must to every flight mission, it is one of the basic functions that FlytNow (belongs to FlytBase)software has. It is not the first time that HEISHA DNEST drone in-a-box hardware works with FlytBase. 
Supported by both the super fast 5G network and FlytNow software, automated take-off and waypoint flight mission only takes few clicks. FlytNow takes pre-flight before every mission to assure all the flight missions are under the safe circumstance. No click takes after the mission is completed, the drone will automatically return and self-landing on DNEST's charging board, then the self-charging will be triggered, which is a true autonomous drone solution.
HEISHA DNEST DiaB (drone in-a-box) solution is the world's first autonomous drone charging station that is contemptible with multiple drones at the same time, it combines automated drone flight, remote control, and real-time video capture functions altogether. Its small size and robust canopy design allow it to be deployed in a variety of applications including private villa security, farmland survey, construction site monitoring, etc.