DNEST drone in a box is showing in Drone Show Korea 2021
April 30, 2021

Drone Show Korea 2021 is holding in Busan and ends by tomorrow, it is the largest drone event in Asia and is jointly hosted by Ministry across different industries including Trade, Industry & Energy, Science and ICT, Land Infrastructure and Transport, and Busan Metropolitan City. HEISHA DNEST drone in a box is showing in this exhibition with the escort of HEXA Factory, our exclusive distributor in Korea. Welcome to come and see it for yourself. 
The video plays in the booth is taken a few days ago from a demonstration soon after DNEST got to HEXA Factory in Soul, which includes the automated take-off and precisely self-landing on the charging board after a waypoint automatic flight mission complete, then gets centralized by the charging bar and starts its self-charging after the canopy is closed autonomously. 
How did all this happen while no one is nearby to operate? It is all explained in the last half part of the video. Only one person takes to sit in front of a laptop and send the control command via the Freesky command center. You can also set a manual flight mission through the Freesky, either flight mode needs to preset the Geo-fence to assure flight safety. The real-time view of the drone camera is sending back to the laptop and for monitoring or capturing videos and images. 
The Hexa Factory has been established in 2013 focusing on drone development and drone service including drone rental, drone delivery, and intelligent automatic control drone parachute, etc.