HEISHA DNEST DiaB autonomous drone system was shown in the China HI-Tech Fair 2021

December 27-29, 2021
HEISHA DNEST DiaB autonomous drone system was shown in the China HI-Tech Fair 2021 in Shenzhen, it had attracted much curious attention not only by its unique appearance but also the special applications it can be used to.  
Remotely controlling a drone to get real-time data for monitoring use is not rare after you preset a waypoint flight mission, but ensuring a real automated mission without a pilot is stuck by the drone's power limitation, HEISHA DNEST autonomous drone charging dock has provided a reliable solution. Besides the self-charging function, using a laptop or mobile phone to take photos and videos through the eyes of drone cameras only takes a click. DNEST will initially check all the pre-flight conditions before each flight to maximize the flight security. 
Inside the DNEST drone in-a-box, there are many other components to control and adjust the station and assure its functional work. Such as the A100 air conditioning module, which seems not really necessary to a drone dock, but it is one of the most vital factors to guarantee to the whole drone charging process work well, temperature matters a lot. T100 IoT board allows you to connect DNEST drone dock via RJ45, LTE, and 5G. Every aspect to make the drone charging work convenient, we have taken care of.  

HEISHA Tech focuses on drone and robot charging systems, only the hardware part. The new generation of DNEST drone in-a-box can be controlled by a cellphone, offers you the most flexible way to monitor and control a drone flight mission. Industrial levels of drone dock including D80 and D135 are for different sizes of drones. HEISHA drone charging stations are compatible with 2S, 3S, 4S drone batteries, control multiple drones via one drone charging station is realized. All the core components from the DPad drone charging pad, K100 control board, A100 air conditioning module, T100 IoT board, M100 monitoring and diagnostic module, SDK, and RC control board are all available to purchase. If you want to customize a specific robotic charging system, or parcel swapping system, HEISHA team can also make it.