Drone of main six power sources introduction
Drones have provided many conveniences for people's lives, and they are now widely used in industrial applications. However, the endurance limit has been a headache for researchers, and currently drones mainly rely on six types of power, energy to complete missions.

  1、Lithium battery: Most drones are equipped with a lithium battery, but the effect can only last about 20 minutes, and requires frequent disassembly and replacement of the battery, which is time-consuming and laborious. But there is new recharging solution came out to end up the headache situation- drone in the box solutionwhich can make drones become truly unmanned and reducing the costs.

  2, hydrogen fuel cell: hydrogen fuel cell instead of lithium-ion battery, which can support the continuous operation of the drone for two hours, and charging very quickly; but the cost is very high and there is so much technology to breakthrough. 
power of UAVs

  3、Laser emitter: laser emitter for drone power supply, laser beam emitted from the ground is converted into power by the receiver on the fuselage, which can almost support the drone has been working.

  4、Solar power: the use of solar power generation of UAVs is usually installed at the same time lithium batteries and solar cells, when the sun can use the solar energy to provide flight power, lithium batteries as a backup battery. But the cost is still very high.

  5, Internal combustion engine power generation: the use of internal combustion engine power generation can support the drone to 100 km per hour speed of flight for 1 hour, but the noise and safety hazards, because there are combustible gases inside the drone.

  6, Tethered power supply: the use of tethered power supply can make the drone almost permanent operation, but also can speed up the speed of data transmission from the drone to the computer, but due to the limitations of the cable connection, cannot complete the long-distance flight.

More and more company are involved to explore a better way to make drone closer to our life. So far, drone charging station is a good choice for the commercial market.