FlytBase and HEISHA webinar about autonomous drone solution for security patrol
March 16, 2021
March 12th, 2021. FlytBase and HEISHA held a Webinar to share their cooperation details on the automated aerial security patrol use of HEISHA drone charging dock and FlytBase's FlytNow software. 
Achal Negi, the Director of Business Development, Baisali Ghosh, the Lead of Business Development from FlytBase, and James Penn, the Co-Founder of HEISHA joined this meeting. 

Drone automation in the security application is the topic of this conference, warehouse and yard security, solar farms patrol, and check on the security of construction site and railway tracks are the most common cases that FlytBase has been involved. 
Many challenges have been found when handling these cases, among the requirements to see real-time videos, detect threats, intrusion and anomalies, and quickly respond to incidents, the desire to pre-scheduled the patrolling mission and repeat it from day to night is the most wanted. With an autonomous drone solution for patrolling, the client gets birds' eye view of his site without blind-spots and reaches inaccessible terrain, the real-time video feedback is not a big deal now, the security of your property can be enhanced greatly, most importantly, drone patrolling is the highest effective way.
To reach a fully automated drone solution, besides reliable drone hardware, you need a low-cost docking station and intelligent cloud software support. Besides the DNEST drone in-a-box solution, HEISHA technology also provides D80 drone dock for medium size of drone and D135 for large size drone like DJI Matrice 300, custom for a special drone is also open, even VTOL fixed-wing drone has been tested workable with HEISHA drone charging hardware. The other highlight of HEISHA drone charging stations are easy to install, it only takes a pair of retrofit landing gears and battery to make the whole drone charging dock work functionally. 
HEISHA D80 drone dock was displayed in this webinar, from autonomous take-off to self-landing and charging, all you take is few clicks. Operate this dock is free from the location limitation as long as you have internet, a laptop, and the FlytNow software platform. You can choose the waypoint flight and set the parameter of altitude, action, speed after login, as this meeting was taken at night, the night vision of using the FlytNow was proved undoubted.
With more and more players get to notice significant changes that the autonomous drone will bring, both FlytBase and HEISHA believe that drones will be vital in the future.