Only focus on the drone in a box (DIAB) hardware solution instead of developing the related software and drones is what HEISHA aims at, and HEISHA believes that’s the one and only way to develop the most cost-efficient and performance-uncompromising drone docking station hardware at the least cost of time and expense. 
Besides the autonomous drone charging solution developer kit DK80, the core component A100 drone smart charging and air conditioning module, T100 IoT communication board, M100 monitoring and diagnostic module, and K100 drone charging pad controller can also be found on this page, if you want to customize your unique drone/robot charging system, you can find it in the last part. 

All of Heisha drone charging pads can automatically charge drone batteries from 2s to 12s automatically and safely, the charging is programmable and customizable for different drone models.

A100 air conditioning system for drone dock (1)
HEISHA A100 air conditioning system for drone charging stations
HEISHA A100 air conditioning system is developed to intelligently control the temperature during the drone charging process and elevate the whole security level of HEISHA drone charging docks. It includes an air conditioner and air duct system, an intelligent temperature control board, a smart charging control board, and a fire extinguisher. 
HEISHA IoT communication board for drone charging board
T100 Banner for Mobile
HEISHA DNEST2 drone in-a-box and other drone docks can all be controlled online by laptop and even cellphone is due to the T100 IoT board, it also allows HEISHA drone charging stations to be diagnosed remotely. To communicate with RJ45, LTE, and 5G internet are all available, it also has the isolated interfaces including 485, UART, and CAN, offers various options to communicate with HEISHA automatic drone charging platforms.  
M100 banner for mobile
The main purpose of the HEISHA drone charging station is to make the drone autonomous, which leaves the decisive work to the remote diagnose and monitor module, with internal and external environmental monitoring sensors and a smart control board, HEISHA M100 allows you to remotely monitor the drone charging status and diagnose the errors in real-time. 
HEISHA K100 control board V3.0
HEISHA self-developed K100 drone charging pad controller has solved two fundamental problems when it comes to the drone charging solutions, flexible deployment thanks to the small size of five PCBs, the continuously and individually upgrade versions to optimize the whole drone charging performance. Five PCB control boards include drone charging, drone centralizing, air conditioning, communication, and canopy switching, they are all specially designed for HEISHA drone charging solutions hardware. Many protections are added during the past upgrade versions: anti-reverse connection, over-current, electrostatic and lightning protections, digital circuits and analog circuits are isolated to ensure not be interfered with by each other.    

Price of HEISHA retrofitted landing gears

For DJI Mavic/ Phantom: $58; For DJI Matrice 300: $625

autonomous drone develop kit
To better meet the requirements of customers from drone companies with diverse drone applications, the DK80 Developer Kit is developed for developers who seek the autonomous drone charging solution. It includes DPad 80, landing gear, battery, K100-TX, remote control base, and camera.
DPad is the core component to execute the major drone charging platform, it includes the centering and the charging controller.
K100-TXcommunication module is where the drone dock controlling command is collected and processed, four parts of information are gathered here: controlling command and data of charging, centering, air conditioning, canopy switching, and Android computer restarting, controlling command and data of the remote controller, remote diagnosis of controlling command of sensors including gravity, the temperature of the battery, water immersive, and smog, controlling command of external devices including weather sensor, monitoring camera, extended-range antenna, night indicator, solar panel, UPS, and alarm sensor.  
485, CAN, and TTL interface are all reserved on the K100-TXcommunication module for developers to expand more functional components. Developers can easily implement a completely autonomous drone system solution through this kit and self-developed software.
HEISHA drone charging and battery swapping solutions
HEISHA drone charging and battery swapping solutions are open to customization as well as the simplified extension pole for the drone dock.
The extension pole contains a weather station and monitoring system, it greatly elevates the performance of a drone charging station for outdoor applications by combining various weather sensors, extended-range antenna, monitoring camera, guiding night indicator, AI computer with remote control base.
HEISHA also provides ODM and OEM of different drone charging and battery swapping solutions, such as:
1. High cabinet drone in-a-box charging solution, the cover opens from one side or two, charging board lifted for take-off. 
2. Low cabinet drone battery swapping solution, the cover opens from one side or two, charging board lifted for take-off (custom for specific drone). 
3. Side-opening drone battery swapping solution, the cover opens from one side, stretching out the centering board, then pulling back to swap the battery. 
4. Side-opening drone charging solution, the cover opens from one side, stretching out the centering board, then pulling back to charge the drone.
5. Low cabinet parcel in-a-box parcel swapping solution, the cover opens from two sides, lifting structure to swap.
6. Ground robot charging station, the cover opens from one side, automatic charging system.