Good News, Heisha T30 create a new record
21st,Feb, 2020 Posted by Heisha

Since Heisha released T30 30km wireless HD video transmitter, some FPV enthusiasts set the orders. They were excited after the real test. Heisha received a lot of feedback. 
We officially said that the T30 transmission range can reach 30km, it can reach more than 50km in the real test by most of our customers. Here is a distance record feedback from Shenzhen flying enthusiasts. 

200mW transmitting, power 30km+ transmission range, how come?
With more than 15 years in RF technology research, Mr. Yang finds an advanced transmission way to make sure the transmission range in 200mW power. In the meanwhile, he didn’t take the stream limit to realize long-distance data communication. Perfect hardware design with advanced codec and transmission software made this transmission distance miracle.
Heisha opens for anyone who wants to confirm the transmission range. And we have T30 stocks, we can ship within 2 days after you set the order.