HEISHA autonomous drone docks are deployed diversely and globally

May 4, 2022

HEISHA drone docks from the small DNEST autonomous drone-in-a-box, the medium D80 drone charging dock, to the D135 large drone dock, have been applied to various industries and countries, like security, smart city, power plant inspection, and construction site inspection. 
With the automatic taking-off function, carrying out missions manually or preset remotely by a laptop, and automated landing and recharging a drone, even several drones, collecting data of a city or quick response to an emergency, HEISHA drone dock takes the least human resources, but output the fast results in a speed that neither human nor drones can reach separately or unitedly. This application can be found in SeguriTech, a Mexican technology, telecommunication, and security system company that has over 26 years of history. 

When it comes to the large application site, HEISHA D135 has shifted a city’s officials' deployment completely by participating in a smart city project in Qingdao, China. Before this project, each department, such as the environment protection, forestry, and city management, has to send their officials to execute missions by vehicles. Ten D135 autonomous drone docking stations have been deployed in the Laoshan district and work for eight departments. Each department can send their demands to the Cloud Center, then the mission will be distributed to the nearest drone dock, later an operator will control the drone to get the video or picture results and upload them back to the Cloud Center, the department may get the results in one hour, the efficiency could never be exceeded by manual data collection. 
HEISHA D80 drone docks help to inspect the afterFIT solar power plant in Tokoyo, it saves a lot of travel costs and improves the service quality with more frequent inspection and security involved. HEISHA DNEST DiaB can also be found on a construction site for inspection in Seoul, the service is provided by our exclusive partner HexaFactory. 
Remotely controlling a flying eye to inspect, surveillance, and patrol without concern about its refueling problem is what HEISHA drone docks are built for.