Heisha C300 drone charging pad got a big breakthrough in charging safety
Oct 12, 2019, Heisha

Since Heisha released a C300 charging pad, which can be compatible with DJI drones, open-source drones, VTOL fixed wring, our engineer doesn't stop to upgrade the product, especially improve security and stability.

Heisha C300 outdoor drone charging pad features a rugged material platform that has been designed to be permanently installed outdoors, ensuring functionality in wet and harsh environments. The company states that its proprietary Wired Charging Technology charges the drone batteries at the maximum allowed charging rate. 
“Heisha C300 can protect the DJI drone’s battery, the real-time current and voltage can be detected, so the recharging is fast and safety.” One of our clients said. 

Heisha is focusing on the development of the charging pad, especially the hardware part, so the client can easier and cheaper to build a powerful drone charging station.