HEISHA C300M2 drone charging pad for Mavic 2/2 pro have on-hand inventory
Because of the steady growth of the drone charging pad demand, HEISHA published that HEISHA decided to C300M2 stocks’ production. That is to say, as long as your automatic drone project is using DJI MAVIC 2 or 2 PRO, then we will be able to ship the goods within 3 days after payment.

C300M2 consists of several parts, automatic charging pad, charging gear and battery, the SDK and HEISHA APP.

heisha drone charging pad package

So far, this is the only one can provide the drone charging pad in stock. That will greatly reduce the development time and cost of drone charging station solution. In the first quarter of 2020, HEISHA prepared 50 sets C300M2 combo, then gradually increase. At the same time, HEISHA open e-commerce to make the clients more convenient for purchase.