HEISHA D135 drone charging dock for community patrol
May 7, 2021
At the end of last month, the HEISHA D135 drone charging dock is put into use for community patrol in Chongqing city, China.
Being applied to patrol is not new to the drone industry, but most are to the border patrol, factory, and large site of construction. As community security is gaining rising attention from residents in different areas, the drone is selected as the one to shoulder the responsibility. This community is relatively large and requires DJI Matrice 300 to fulfill the mission. HEISHA D135 drone charging dock is chosen to help accomplish the task.
HEISHA D135 drone dock is a large size of drone charging platform for DJI Matrice 300 and another similar size of drones, stable is one of its many advantages that built by both the reliable fishbone canopy structure and by the constant temperature system due to the air conditioner. 
Using D135 to undertake a block patrol mission is not a challenge at all, by combining the automatic take-off, self-landing, and self-charging function all-in-one, D135 can conquer more difficult tasks after presetting a waypoint flight route or control the drone remotely in front of a computer, you can always choose which point of view you want to see via the camera, the captured videos may be helpful if a suspicious person is lurking around, and all it takes is few types on the keyboard.