HEISHA D135 drone dock for wind farm inspection

Time: May 13, 2022
Location: Lingshan, Guangxi, China
Application: wind farm and wind turbine inspection
Device: HEISHA D135 drone dock+ DJI Matrice 300

The location where HEISHA D135 drone charging is placed is called Shiwandashan, it’s on the list of protected areas of China. Shiwandashan in Chinese means thousands of mountains, an excellent place for wind power generation, but a nightmare for inspection workers, drones can be a life-saver here. 
The D135 drone docking station works here as reliable support for recharging DJI M300 automatically without disturbing the flight mission. On the contrary, D135 works with their self-developed Operation System and allows the operator to remotely control a drone to take a manual flight mission and execute preset waypoint flight missions both available. Shot pictures at a problematic wind turbine or recording a video stream through a laptop remotely are all available. The operator can also zoom in to check a specific potential broken wire, which saves both the travel time and also zeroize the potential risk to the checking worker. 
HEISHA D135 is an industrial-grade drone charging dock and can be deployed in the most severe environment, the build-in air conditioner will cool down or heat the dock inside to the proper temperature before starting to recharge the Matrice 300. Its’ external T3 weather station integrates a wind speed sensor, rain gauge, night indicator, camera, etc. Which forms a complete sensory system that works with the smart controlling module to make the drone battery recharge under safe conditions. 

HEISHA D135 autonomous drone docking station is the world’s first automatic drone charging station for DJI M300. It combines automated drone flight, remote control, and real-time video capture functions altogether. Large drone landing size is one of its unique features, its robust canopy design allows it to be deployed outdoor, with the air conditioning system and T3 drone control tower, weather conditions and temperature adjustment are all under supervision, the charging safety is taken care of in every aspect. Multiple controlling modules including M100 monitoring unit, T00 IoT communication controlling unit, and K100 five in one drone charging control module, are all independently developed and upgraded for better performance.