HEISHA D80 drone dock upgraded version is released with higher stability and a higher level of safety
March 11, 2021
After over 5 months of upgrading and optimization work on the first generation of D80 drone charging dock, an upgraded version is completed and achieved its goal of higher stability and safety, all of these better performance comes from the perfection of three aspects: structure, control board, T3 monitor and weather station.
D80 is placed outdoor and exposed in a dusty environment mostly as an industrial drone charging station, this new version lowers down the motor part and puts it beneath the drone charging pad for a better performance of dust-proof, the self-landing and charging pad is extended at the same time.

A long-lasting and repeated discussion had taken about the upgrade of the k100 control board, mostly are about two aspects: separate or integrate. Standing in the trend of integration, every electric appliance becomes more integrated. But a drone charging station is so different from them, and the biggest disadvantage of integration is the nerve-wracking maintenance, basically, there is little chance to fix it except you have numerous after-sale service centers in every corner. Finally, the separate plan won. Besides the drone charging part, there are four other parts to enable this whole drone charging dock to work functionally: drone centralizing, air conditioner, communication, and canopy switching part. If any part has errors, the diagnosis and replacement work would be much easier compared with before. 
Multiple protections are added to the k100 control board for a higher level of safety including anti-reverse connection protection, over-current protection, electrostatic protection, and lightning protection. 
With a weather station added on the T3 monitor, all the pre-flight environments will be sent to the control center to help you decide whether the flight would be safe regardless of where you are to control your drone. The weather sensor can detect the wind speed and the digital sensor is programmable to preset the pre-flight condition. If you want to fly your drone at night, there are two big night vision lights to help you and ensure a safe take-off and landing. Extensible is the highlight of this weather station, besides the developed megaphone compatibility, 4G/ 5G modules are available, as well as solar charging. 
D80 drone charging hardware platform is open for more compatibility.