HEISHA DNEST 2 is now compatible with Mavic 3
DJI had just launched its new Mavic 3 drone last Friday, and HEISHA had acted quickly and started the compatibility work at the same time.

Mavic 3 is another revolutionary drone from DJI, the main shape design is similar to the last version of the Mavic series. With a little adjustment, the HEISHA charging landing gear can be mounted beneath the new model, and the new designed battery modification is more or less the same, although the battery is coming out from the back.

One of the biggest advantages of HEISHA’s solution of battery modification over battery swapping is that: no matter how the structure or the battery mounting method of any drones, even it’s not DJI drones, is changed, the principle drone structure remains the same: arms stand out, motors at the tips of the arms. Thus it took no time for HEISHA DNEST 2 to be made compatible with Mavic 3.

Compatibility video is available on YouTube: https://youtu.be/1HARdAXj4E8 

HEISHA DNEST Diab (drone-in-a-box solution is the world’s first automatic drone charging station that’s compatible with multiple drone models at the same time. It combines automated drone flight, remote control, and real-time video capture functions altogether, Its small size and robust canopy design allow it to be deployed in a variety of applications including private villa security, farmland survey, construction site monitoring, etc.