HEISHA DNEST autonomous drone solution works with FlytBase for a sand mining project in Malaysia
June 18, 2021
HEISHA DNEST automated drone docking station has performed a monitoring mission on a sand mining site in Malaysia by working with FlytBase's FlytNow APP.
The demand for sand grows rapidly along with the ever-changing boom of urbanization, the uprising quantity of skyscrapers is the biggest buyer. There is a potential threaten rising along with the sand mining business growth, the ecological devastation of riverbanks, waterways, and seabed. Malaysia's government had noticed the severe future that sand mining would bring back to 2019 and has released a document against sand smuggling, this sand mining demo that HEISHA DNEST is involved in is a government project.  
A drone to monitor a sand mining project makes all the control and management the easiest task ever. After remote control the drone to take off the DNEST drone charging and docking station via FlytBase APP, then you can set a Geo-fence to ensure the flight under a given range. You can choose the manual flight mode to fly to any point and check on the sand digging range and depth by zoom in and out the drone camera with few types by your laptop keyboard, get the project progress simultaneously is one of the most useful output that DNEST drone dock and FlytBase provide together. Self-landing is another convenient operation that the DNEST drone docking station offers, no professional technology is required to control the DNEST autonomous drone system. It only takes about 45 minutes to automatically recharge the DJI Mavic 2 before back to a new monitoring mission. 
A long-term environmental protection battle is ahead of us as the development progress is unlikely slowed down, to the sand mining projects, monitoring on the major ones with the least cost of human resources and expense is one of the feasible solutions, and HEISHA DNEST autonomous drone system is an efficient way.
About HEISHA DNEST autonomous drone in a box
DNEST is the first ready-to-use, fully automatic, remote in-air data collection system launched by HEISHA. It’s equipped with a DJI Mavic zoom drone, together with a remote control command center and Amazon cloud services, making it easy for users to complete unmanned inspection in real-time and get an aerial view of their private territory. With remote game-like keyboard control of HEISHA DNEST, the drone can automatically hover during flight, or closes the cabin door, charge, and maintains itself after a flight. As long as it is internet-connected, it can realize long-distance flight and overlook from the sky. Now DNEST is compatible with both 3S and 4S drone batteries, which realize the cross-drone control and exchange to carry out missions.
About FlytBase's FlytNow HEISHA APP
With advanced edge & cloud connectivity modules, FlytNow enables live automated surveillance by remote HD video streaming from drones, real-time drone, and payload control, over 4G/5G at ultra-low latency. FlytNow HEISHA APP can schedule and repeat automated waypoint missions daily or at specific time intervals. You can view a live HD video feed from your drone, track your drone and its telemetry during your ops.