HEISHA DNEST drone in-a-box station is highly spoken of by media
Media reports of HEISHA DNEST
Few days after DNEST was released, media including MarketWatch and PR Newswire has reported this integrated drone in-a-box solution one by one.
Small size as the core bullet point, about 1-meter length, and 45 kg weight allows it easily to be transported to any countries and placed in any corner of a roof or a yard. 
What's special about DNEST?
This upgraded drone charging station contains a DJI Mavic Zoom drone, which was debugged to ensure its compatibility. If your villa needs to be watched, this ready-to-use autonomous drone solution is a perfect choice especially when it comes to the automatic route plan or point to flight thanks to the Freesky software, take a 4K UHD video via remote control to record a suspicious moment is like a breeze.  
Exclusive Distributors recruitment for the user-friendly product
As a company that marks the user-friendly product as the one-and-only goal, instead of trapping itself in a confined researching and developing circumstance, seeking a channel to communicate with users and get close and timely feedback of each drone charging case is set as the major concern of HEISHA’s self-improving strategy, which is the Exclusive Distributors recruitment. To better protect the profit of each distributor, only one position is offered for each country (the US and China excluded). 
To build a close-to-perfect drone charging station, HEISHA is serious.

                                                HEISHA Dnest drone in a box charging station
MarketWatch reported HEISHA Dnest drone in a box solution