HEISHA DNEST, FlytBase, and Hexafactory performed a precision landing of autonomous drone on a vehicle
June 30,2021
Hexafactory, the Korea exclusive distributor of HEISHA, performed a demo by using HEISHA DNEST DiaB autonomous drone hardware and FlytBase's FlytNow software, both the automatic take-off and precision landing of the drone were taking on a specially designed vehicle. The whole process including the drone flight and the operation of FlytNow software were recorded in the video showing at the end of this article.
This drone flight mission chose waypoint flight mode and set 5 waypoints in total, its pre-setting Geofence ensures flight safety in both flying range and altitude. The flying conditions of the drone’s altitude, speed, latitude, longitude, GPS, and DNEST docking station’s charging voltage, current, temperature are all visible on FlytNow's operation interface. FlytBase's precision landing technology is the tip-top one in the whole autonomous drone industry.  
The canopy of DNEST was closed after the drone flew away and was automatically opened before the drone was back to keep the whole drone docking station clean. DNEST’s canopy design is considered as the best-performance drone in-a-box solution of harsh environmental adaptability, the canopy cover allows DNEST to work on rainy even snowy days.  

HEISHA DNEST drone in-a-box hardware system is an independently developed autonomous drone platform that integrates the automated take-off, self-landing, and charging functions, it is the only DiaB solution that allows the different drones to work on the same docking station, both 3S and 4S batteries of drone are available currently. 
With DNEST’s unmanned and remote controllable performance, one can easily get the real-time videos and images from the drone camera, and get timely data analysis with the professional software, no need to hire professional pilots.