HEISHA DPad drone charging pad for warehouse inspection
HEISHA DPad drone charging pad for warehouse inspection

Time: April 12, 2022
Location: Zhongshan, China
Application: warehouse inspection
Coverage: 30 square kilometers
Device: Heisha DPad drone charging pad

Checking the goods stock in a warehouse is time-consuming work, every warehouse has a team to do it, even though its frequency cannot be assured, and the loss caused by errors that human beings cannot avoid, never ends. 
Drones being applied to warehouse inspection have started for a few years, what stops it from growing is the drone charging problem, all the drone battery charging and changing work requires at least one person to complete. HEISHA DPad drone charging pads have joined the warehouse inspection in Macao and Zhongshan. The inspection range of Zhongshan is about 30 square kilometers.
“No more climbing up and down the stairs, no more putting lives at risk, drone offers a flying camera view to scan the goods number and save it to the data.”
-Mr. Zhou, team leader of the warehouse checking

If there is a missing pack of goods, the drone will fly to the specific area and check it for you in the shortest time. While HEISHA DPad will be the solid support for refueling the drone and getting the drone ready for the next inspection, all automatically. 
For the larger warehouse that needs several drones to work together to complete the inspection, HEISHA DPad works with a ground robot to solve the moving trouble. The smallest drone charging pad HEISHA now can provide is only 40cm due to the improved precision landing technology, this drone charging pad can recharge for DJI Mavic, Phantom, Mini, and other similar sizes of drones. It is compatible with any 2s-4s drone batteries.