Heisha drone charging pad manufacturer is looking for partners

Leadership in a Significant Market Segment
Heisha, is a leading provider of unattended drone system and infrastructure. We are currently on our second generation of products and are looking to partner with companies worldwide that would like to integrate or resell our products as part of a vertical solution.

Fulfills a Critical Piece of the Solution
What the customer needs is not solely a drone charging pad, but also the cloud-based data center as well a robust drone platform. Heisha focuses on providing the core technology: a charging system, precision landing, and robust data transmission. We are looking for partners who are interested in integrating a complete solution, especially in vertical applications.
According to the collection of requirements in different applications, the solution based on DJI drones are 30%, open-source multirotor drones are 50%, fixed wring and VTOL fixed wring are 20%. 

Looking for partners
We are looking for partners who can build compete for solution for indoor stocking checking, harbor inspection, security survey, farm detection, etc.
Please contact us and let’s figure out how best to work together!

Contacts: info@heishatech.com/ sales@heishatech.com