HEISHA has released the 5 minutes’ connection

Jan. 21st

Many of our customers have concerns about if their software can quickly connect and control our drone dock. It is true that the connection didn’t go very smoothly at the beginning, especially when software joins the game. We have gained a lot of experience and lessons during the connection adjustment. 
This 5 minutes’ connection solution can efficiently connect and control our DiaB system from zero. 
There are two major parts working on this 5 mins’ solution, hardware and software. We have developed a PCB board. It is called T100. It is one of our IoT nodes, it has integrated three functions. 
The first is to access the Internet through RJ45 or SIM card so that our partners can connect and control the drone dock remotely no matter which country they are in.
The second is to connect to our partner's hardware via the 485 Modbus directly, which is a local connection solution, such as connecting to the Android computer or other devices locally. It can also be realized by connecting to an MQTT server through 485 port, to realize the connection to the local LAN.
The software part mainly refers to the SDK. We have made three processing batch commands. The first one is called one key for ready-to-fly. It is one processing batch command. There are many activities under this command, and we have integrated them together. One command can complete the entire flight preparation action. 
There is another command called one-key environmental monitoring. To monitor the wind, humidity, and rainfall sensor by one command.
The third is a one-key for drone charging. When the drone returns, the command can process all activities to charge the drone battery, including temperature control. 
If the temperature is not suitable for charging, it will start our air conditioner, until the temperature reaches a safe charging temperature, then restart charging. 
With these three commands, now customers can complete the connection and control any Heisha Drone docks within 5 minutes.
HEISHA drone docks have three major models, DNEST, D80, and D135, for different sizes of drones, combines self-landing and automated drone charging with autonomously carrying out preset waypoint flight missions, it is a true pilot-free autonomous drone solution.