Heisha is making DJI Matrice300 an autonomous drone and uses it for patrolling
February 5, 2021
Heisha has delivered a batch of D135 drone charging stations to a law enforcement department in Sichuan, China. By combining the automated drone charging with remote control, patrolling a certain field via a laptop is ready. During the fighting against the covid-19, the patrolling frequency of the related department is enhanced, and the D135 autonomous drone solution will largely decrease the on-site patrolling requirement and lower the risks of being exposed to the infected environment.

A drone charging dock hardware platform and Freesky remote control software together build the D135 autonomous drone system, which integrates the remote control of DJI Matrice300, self-charging, with the remote flight mission planning. This solution is a combination of industrial drone and industrial drone charging dock, it is also the start of the autonomous drone age. Matrice300 with optical super zoom camera as the payload is remarkable in the complicated mission that requires detailed target pictures or videos capture. Currently, most of the drone charging solutions are using the battery swapping system, which is famous for the complex structure that will lead to a difficult maintenance process with time and human resource cost. Heisha D135 autonomous drone system is adopting the self-charging system with the simplest mechanical structure, more stable and durable.