HEISHA launches the R80 robot charging station and the D50 mini drone dock

May 23, 2022
As one of the major strengths in the drone charging station industry, HEISHA feels the pressure of the rising competition and developed two new products to embrace it. The D50 mini drone charging dock and R80 automated robot charging station.

The smallest HEISHA drone docks before D50 is DNEST, with a 60cm drone charging pad. This D50 drone dock only has a 50cm drone charging pad but works as well as DNEST. The first factor that allows D50 to form in a smaller charging pad is the accurate precision landing technology, it is provided by a new Operation System with the added QR. 50cm landing area is good enough for most popular drones like DJI Mavic and Phantom, as the landing accurate is narrowed down to 3cm. 
Another factor is compatibility. HEISHA drone docks are managed to be compatible with 2s-12s drones, but for drones’ sizes equal to or smaller than Phantom, 2s-4s compatibility is already enough.
The smaller size doesn’t affect D50’s comprehensive internal structure, the new upgraded inverter compressor air conditioner is more efficient and energy-saving, it ensures all the drone charging process is taken under the safe temperature, up to 55 Celsius degree and down to -35 degrees are all available to place a D50 drone charging dock. 
Charging safely is the core of the D50 autonomous drone in a box, a detachable weather station with wind, humidity, and rain sensors sitting on the side of the D50. That’s just one of the multiple protection measures, you can find an infrared sensor inside D50 to test the drone battery’s temperature and ensure the charging temperature is safe. 
D50 also takes care of the maintenance problem locally and remotely. A PDA allows you to locally adjust D50 and control all the hardware units to open or close. You can also control the D50 and check if any part goes wrong by the Q100 remote maintenance OS.

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The concept of robot charging docks have been brought over ten years ago, but still hasn’t become as familiar to people as drones. Several drone charging station manufacturers already exist, what makes R80 outstanding is the comprehensive structure. Most robot charging stations can only charge for one robot, while R80 can charge for eight robots at the same time, and for different types of robots, ground robots, tracked robots, robot dogs, and drones, of course. 
Moreover, the internal structure of R80 can also amaze you, with the powerful inverter compressor air conditioner, and smart controlling system, which will release your concern about charging safety, no charging will start before the temperature reaches the proper degree. 
R80 can also be controlled locally and remotely, its maintenance work will not consume too much time and energy.
Custom R80 to be a package swapping station is also achieved, you can add up to eight floors containing eight robots. The big-size drone like DJI Matrice 300 is good to go with the propeller withdrawal function we have individually developed. R80 also supports solar panels as power. 

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