HEISHA mobile autonomous drone for warehouse inventory management

June 12, 2022
HEISHA and Gaole are working on a mobile automated drone system for warehouse inventory management. Drone being applied for warehouse tracking system is not new, but the headache issue is the recharging. This automated drone inspection system bounds with a mobile ground robot, which can also provide charging for the drone. 
These two features, mobile, and recharge, largely extend the potential of an automated warehouse inventory management system. 
Firstly, this automatic warehouse drone enables a 7*24 inspection work. The drone can fly to the upper shelves and check on every corner of a big warehouse for inventory data collection after recharging, and scan the lower shelves when the drone is recharging on the ground robot. This can greatly elevate the inventory checking efficiency, and decrease the incidence rate of “out of stock”.  
Secondly, the 24-hour inspection and surveillance are a warning to thieves. To the person who wants to steal the goods, a flying drone around is definitely a big alarm to stop him from taking criminal action. This automated drone system works with software that can upload the collected video to the cloud and then be used as proof if there are missing goods. 
Thirdly, the obstacle avoidance function of the ground robot has completely solved the fundamental problem of using a mobile vehicle to recharge a drone. It is not a new technology, but this automated warehouse inventory tracking system is far from flawless without its participation. 
This complete autonomous warehouse drone solution is expected to launch by September 2022.