HEISHA newly released low-cost drone automation Develop Kit DK80
April 26, 2021

For developers
From DPad drone charging pad, DNEST drone in-a-box hardware, to D135 drone charging dock, many clients along with the rest in the drone industry have witnessed the growth of HEISHA and entrust HEISHA with more orders. But there comes a tricky issue that more custom required in large applications such as power line inspection, public security, oil field survey, etc. It may not be a problem to a relatively large-scale company who stands in a mature industry for decades, but to the drone charging industry, it is quite a challenge. 
The solution of developing a standard drone charging product turns out not good enough, as you see we already developed different standard drone charging products, sizes of drone charging pads, and docks. The other solution we found is this Developer Kit, the core and basic drone charging parts, as we learned that most drone service companies have their own R&D team.
Vast compatibility
Four parts are included in the Developer kit, drone charging pad, landing gear, communication module, and camera. The communication module is where you can extend unique requirements, still fours part included, Orange Pi, self-design and developed communication board, router, and remote control base. 
If you want to design a special cover or canopy for your drone charging station, the Developer Kit is compatible, so as other hardware like weather sensor, directional antenna, and connect to the tablet computer for debugging is also available, due to the reserved 485 interface, CAN interface and TTL interface. 
For special data collection and analysis requirements, it only takes to inbuilt the software into the Orange Pi. Meanwhile, NVIDIA or other AI computers are also extendable through this local area network. 
NO lower price
We learned our price advantages from our customers. It is not rare that many companies will ask for quotations from several manufacturers, and make the final deal with the most cost-efficient one, we have received many similar orders and are not surprised by the results.