HEISHA Positioning For Bot-Mansion
In the past three years, HEISHA’s positioning is a drone-in-a-box hardware expert, we had closely guarded the position in the development of our products. Now we have a brand new positioning, HEISHA builds bot-mansions, there is a lot of information behind this statement.  

Firstly, HEISHA not only builds mansions for drones, but we will also build mansions for all kinds of robots, to meet the needs of charging, packages loading, maintenance, and so on. These include agricultural robots, industrial robots, which we are developing jointly with some organizations now, and we will release our new products in the next few months.

Secondly, what we want to build in the future is a complete mansion, not just a box or a dog or a charging board. Since it is a complete mansion, it will involve charging safety, air conditioning, elevators, fire protection, central monitoring, structural design for seismic, and so on, which is the direction we want to go deeper in our technology in the next three years.

And third, we have now made it clear that we will not develop drones, nor will we develop drone automation software; we will play our role as a component supplier and provide long-term and stable supports for our partners.

In addition, we will do a lot of bold innovation in this area of drones, drone docks, and bot-mansions. Now we have plans to launch our own 5G robot hotel in the next three years, not counting the robot parks, and many more ideas, we can introduce to you one by one in the future.