HEISHA R80 customized package swapping station

April 25, 2022

Battery swapping stations for cars and drones started to attract people’s attention just in a few years, package swapping station for logistics is the only creative concept before HEISHA designed and developed it. This R80 package swapping station is customized for a logistics company, it can contain 50 packages. 
This customized R80 package swapping station works with a drone, it automatically opens a door to push the given package out, then the drone will grab the package and carry it to the destination according to the waypoint flight route preset. The drone will automatically return to R80 for recharging after the mission is complete, the precision landing will assure the drone’s safe and accurate land, and all the procedures are autonomous, easy, and convenient. 
Drone delivery saves more than just time in emergency situations, such as the blood test before an urgent surgery, every second counts, a few minutes faster definitely will make the successful rate largely increased, and delivering the sample by a drone saves may be more than one hour when it happens to be the traffic jam time, directly end-to-end delivery by the most flexible and fast unmanned vehicle without concerning about refueling, that’s the reason HEISHA R80 being developed. 
The room for packages can be expanded as large as you want, automatic charging of drones works with an automated package release system that enables R80 with little need for human intervention, only an operator to assign the drone in front of a laptop. There is an air conditioning system inside the R80 package swapping station to make sure the drone charging at a proper temperature, which will largely increase the safety of both the drone and the whole station. Besides wired electricity, the R80 package swapping station with drones supports solar panels as power, too. 
HEISHA offers diverse custom support more than drone charging stations and package swapping stations, charging for ground robots and battery swapping hardware are also available.