Pilots free, HEISHA drone charging pad C200 is released
As the commercial drone industry moves closer to automation, new accessories to allow the automation of commonly available drones are entering the market. HEISHA released core parts for developing a more powerful charging solution for different applications - C200 drone charging pad, which is especially for DJI drones. 
A few companies have invested resources in developing auto-charging and remote controlling solutions. To name a few, Easy Aerial from New Jersey, HEISHA from China and Edronic from Spain. 
C200 is a standard type designed for DJI Mavic Air, it is only $999. It has a standard interface for secondary development; in the meanwhile, C200 has a special embrace design what makes the charging much more stable and reliable. What is more amazing is the core parts is very cost effective, if you want to build a charging station for your application, C200 make it faster and lower cost. 
Customer requirements: Using DJI Mavic to do indoor warehouse inspection and inventory management.
HEISHA solution: HEISHA provides the charging pad for drone, Landing gear for drone and customized battery for drone, and to integrate it with the client's warehouse management system and existing robots. HEISHA’s drone charging station module is integrated and installed on the inventory management robots and receives the commands from the management system through standard interface and WIFI.  The management robot carries the charging module with the Mavic to the designated spot, the drone will take off, complete the inspection and recognition mission and head back the charging station for charging and upload the data for analysis.  Once the mission is complete and the charging station will start the charge the drone, and once the battery is fully charged, the drone can automatically take off.