HEISHA T30 30km+ video transmission kit is on the sale
In January 2020, HEISHA technology has launched T30, the RF long-range 5.8Ghz video transmission kit. T30 is the only one in the world that can output the same video streaming quality over the distance of 30km. The others in the industry are basically using an adaptive video quality solution.

Moreover, in the current industry, the solutions of the long-range video transmission technology over 30 kilometers are mostly used the special frequency band, such as 600mhz-800mhz, or even lower frequency band. However, HEISHA conquered the long-range video transmission of 5.8Ghz high frequency with super long transmission distance.

Besides, T30 has excellent cost-effectiveness. We believe that T30 can be used in your large UAV or robot. At present, T30 has passed hundreds of tests, and the flight distance is basically maintained between 30-60 km. Welcome to try out our technology and look forward to your feedback. HEISHA will strive to improve and enhance our product, devote to becoming the global RF long-range video transmission expert.