Heisha upgraded C300 drone charging pad's standard interface
September 24, 2019, by Heisha, 

A complete autonomous drone solution includes three parts, drone with payloads as a data capture tool, an automatic power supply platform to realize the drone without manpower, and a cloud management center as DPC. But that is not enough, there are still many situations need to be considerate, such as the weather conditions and network coverage. Heisha is still on the way to conquer these challenges. 
To convenient the solution integrator to save more money and more time, Heisha works on improving the drone charging pad's hardware, especially the standard interface for customers' second development based on different applications. In the new generation drone charging pad C300, our engineer upgraded the I/O interface and added a RJ45 port. The C300 can be a charging pad also as a data transmission site. The customer just needs to connect C300 with their system or software platform. So far, our C200 successfully used in the field of agriculture surveying, construction surveying, safety, and surveillance, search and rescue. 

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interface of heisha drone charging pad