HEISHA VTOL fixed wing automatic drone charging pad came into market

23th September HEISHA Shenzhen

There is great potential for Arial data, and using airborne data can help in areas such as the protection of the environment. With the development of unattended drones, many companies are starting to see the potential of VTOL fixed wings in this area. In order to support the developer with a lower cost hardware automatic drone charging platform, HEISHA released the VTOL fixed wing drone charging pad.

The VTOL drone charging pad is 150*150 cm, so it has enough space for landing. Besides, HEISHA designed a special charging gear, easy to connect with the battery and light weight. With the K100 controller, the charging pad is stable. From now on, the VTOL fixed wing can be left completely unattended. 

HEISHA drone charging pad for VTOL fixed wing droneHEISHA drone charging pad for VTOL

Compared with multi-rotors, fixed wings, and helicopters, the VTOL fixed wing combine the advantages of multi-rotors and fixed wings alone to compensate for each other's shortcomings, making it a more efficient solution.

The main advantages of the vertical take-off and landing fixed wing are.

1: Capable of taking off and landing in a confined area without the need for a runway or catapult.

2: Capable of operating over long distances and during long voyages.

3: hovering and operating at high speed, more adaptable to the complex operating environment.

Currently, according to market demand, the vertical take-off and landing fixed wing is mainly used in the military, civilian and commercial market, such as: oil and gas pipeline patrol line, power patrol, agricultural monitoring, precision agriculture, military police patrol, disaster and emergency rescue, professional search, aerial photography and high-precision land mapping, natural resources inspection, border and coastline patrol, merchant marine monitoring, fairway measurement, ocean atmosphere monitoring, mining monitoring, traffic surveillance, fire monitoring and many other fields.