Heisha’s C200 drone charging station power the solution for police surveillance network in Mexico

September 6,2019, Heisha tech;

Heisha delivered the drone charging pad C200 to his users in Mexico for local police in Naucalpan state, Mexico had finally taken their step in applying the drone technologies in law enforcement in fighting with the one of the highest crime rates in the world.
The plan is to deploy over hundreds of drone stations in the urban areas, command center then controls the fleet of drones remotely for get live video streaming when emergencies requires. The drones stations provide power charging,data collection and communication relay.

How did HEISHA help?
HEISHA provided all the fundamental and core parts of the stations and interfaces to successfully develop the drone application” says Ulises Sandovals.
Because of the strong and reliable foundation delivered by HEISHA, all that was left to do was customize the software via the provided API for our specific needs. This was highly beneficial as it allowed us to spend more time on the particular aspects of our project, saving us a great deal of time and cost.
The Mexico team was contracted provide the complete package, they chose the most advanced drone in the market DJI, and focused on customized command center software to the requirements, then they realized they don’t have much time on the hardware part of the charging station, they reached out to HEISHA for the charging pad. 
As HEISHA C200 is compatible with all major drones available in the market, and integrate C200 into their command center via the provided API and build the entire solution.
The final solution is capable of fully autonomous flight, re-deck, charge and data transferring, increases law enforcements’ ability to conduct reliable and efficient search and rescue missions, by eliminating manual processes in favor of increased autonomy of the UAV, both for, autonomous flight, as well as, object detection through real time image processing.

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