High Lander autonomous flight software works with HEISHA DNEST drone in-a-box hardware
March 22, 2021
Israel drone software company High Lander established a long-term partnership with HEISHA for accomplishing a complete drone in-a-box solution.
High Lander is lead by a group of aviation experts who has over 20 years of experience, especially in military applications. Autonomous flight, intelligent airspace control, and coordinated air continuity are the core business of High Lander, drone fleets are one of their specialties. In this case, a perfect unmanned drone system is just waiting for a good opportunity to work with High Lander when HEISHA automated drone hardware is developed. 
HEISHA drone docking systems cover multiple sizes for different drones, VTOL fixed-wing, small size drones like DJI Mavic, or enterprise-level of drones such as DJI Matrice series, can all find the proper drone charging docks from HEISHA. With HEISHA's self-landing and charging drone hardware system, the truly autonomous drone system is approachable.
The Operation Center of High Lander offers flexible control to missions including complex and real-time tasks, which is a live saver to the rescue missions. This kind of mission can be controlled from thousands of miles away with HEISHA DNEST autonomous drone system. If you want to share a Live link with your friend, High Lander takes care of that, too.