How an automatic drone charging system empowers the data collection?

 24th Oct 2020, HEISHA 

Using drone replace manpower is a new trend. How can we make the drone smarter and truly unattended? One of HEISHA’s client released a warehouse solution using drone and drone self-charging system

With the self-charging drone station and indoor navigation technology, the data collection tasks can be done continuously without any human intervention. The collected data is responsive to any subtle but potentially important changes and the data consistency is at an unprecedented level.

drone for warehouse data collection

Why do we need this kind of solution? The drone flight endurance is a limit because of without any drone long lasting battery. Even DJI drone charging is not a problem for consumer using, but how can we step into autonomous flight from anywhere and operation without battery concern? The first thing is how to charge a drone.

A turnkey solution for autonomous indoor/outdoor inspection missions includes: 

Charging station (indoor charging station is just a charging pad without any canopy or rain cover), a drone with HD camera, a control software suite.

How to charge a drone? Find a right charging base is the basic.