How do the large quantity of Heisha C300 charging pads come out
Mr.Liao. is the lead engineer of HEISHA workshop.
Many of our customers are asking about our production situation, so we made an interview.
Q: Can you give a brief introduction to HEISHA's production capacity?
A: OK. At HEISHA, we have three product lines, we outsource the production of HD video transmitter and Electronic Speed Controller, the manufacturers that we carefully chose to partner with have high international quality control standard. 
For our drone charging pads, we choose to do in-house production in our workshop. If the future orders had maxed out our production capacity, we will also consider outsourcing some of the manufacturing work. 
Our workshop is separate from our office, it’s not big, like a garage. As more orders are coming, we are busy every day and must work overtime to deliver our customers' products on time. 

Q: What are the biggest challenges in the production process? Is it the capacity?
A: I don't think it's capacity. To increase our production capacity is not a very difficult thing, considering we are located in the Pearl River Delta, which is the manufacturing center for all digital products in China.
As long as we take the management of product quality, testing, material selection, process, specifications to the extreme and master the know-how, we can quickly expand the production floor in the future, or to partner with the excellent manufacturer for the work. 
The real challenge lies in the details and quality control. The charging pads seem like a simple product, but there is a lot of work to be done for perfecting the details. We are now optimizing the product details every day, for example, the materials must be waterproof to work in different weather conditions, so we have to constantly try a variety of materials.
 Another example is the testing of the control board, we must think of a variety of methods, to be able to conduct the comprehensive tests.

Q: What's your greatest joy at work right now?
A: I've been a drone enthusiast for more than 20 years and I love drone products. I very much hope that HEISHA's products can really bring the true value to our customers, and customers are willing to buy again...
So, my greatest happiness is the work itself. Every day, from dawn to dust, I can indulge myself into the details of the work, I really enjoy that.