Safety, security, scalability, and reliability are some of the most critical and indispensable quality requirements of any autonomous drone application. Therefore, the team at Heisha Tech has been building several enhancements to their existing drone docking solution to check all the necessary boxes of a safe and reliable system. This includes implementing an intelligent and safe charging methodology with all-around protection for batteries, improved temperature control, and a new air duct design.

By building the product to be compliant with the CE, FCC, and other third-party certification requirements and increasing the standard production capacity to over 100 units per month, Heisha is ensuring complete production and delivery readiness of the new and improved D80 drone dock.

As for the software, FlytNow is built on top of the battle-tested FlytBase platform that currently powers thousands of drone flights, with scalability & modularity at its core. To improve safety and reliability, FlytNow has added newer built-in failsafe, fault tolerance techniques, and intelligent path-planning modules to detect faults preemptively.

Worried how reliable a drone docking station is or whether it has the capacity for large-scale production?

In this webinar, we will discuss how Heisha is addressing these concerns with the new and improved version of its popular D80 docking station. We will also discuss the level of security, reliability, and safety that the software platform, FlytNow, offers to its users.

Join us in the webinar on Friday 11:00 CST / 17:00 CET to learn more. Register here.