Is Heisha C300 just a drone charging pad? One customer said 'No'
September 03, 2019, Heisha Tech

Since the D.NEST F300 was released, so many clients are interested in how we can make sure the VTOL fixed wing land accurately. Here is the latest feedback from one of our client from Malaysia. 
Mr. Kent, from Malaysia, he has an inspection project at the harbor, he chooses Heisha D.NEST F300— an unattended system including a drone charging station and a VTOL fixed wing. It is not easy to make the big fixed wing to land on the charging station, but our D.LOCK modular made it. 
We just tell Mr. Kent our HD video transmission range can reach 5km. 
He went to the harbor to test the system when he received the D.Nest F300. He got shocked because the HD video transmission range reached single way 25km, that is to say, it can reach round trip 50 km. 
'That is amazing. It shocked me, the video transmission range can be more than 10km, Heisha did a good job. Our mission can be easier and more efficiency.'  Mr. Kent said.
Heisha integrated the D.Lock and D.Link to our C300 charging pad, which makes the charging pad smarter and much more friendly, it is not just a charging pad, it is a data transfer station
and a management center.

heisha drone charging pad