2022 Jan. 25th
Large drone charging pad with powerful and smart charging control system

HEISHA D135 drone charging pad is tailored for large size drones such as DJI M300, its size is two times two meters. With over 25 partners around the world, HEISHA provides the charging pads and some important components, and our partners use containers or self-built charging docks at local. 
The key components HEISHA provides, besides the charging pads and transmission parts, HEISHA also offers charge control boards, which are compatible with 6s to 12s drone batteries and can switch flexibly. Large current drone charging from 30A to 50 A are all supported by HEISHA large size drone charging pad, as well as the backup of dual power.
To realize autonomous drone control, remote control is vital, HEISHA provides remotely controlling the switch of drone battery, which takes some presetting before plugging in the battery or some modification of the battery. 
For communication, the HEISHA drone charging pad uses the Modbus agreement for drone communication, it’s one of the most common standard agreements. 
If you are looking at a complete autonomous drone solution or a drone in-a-box system, HEISHA DNEST, D80, and D135 automated drone charging docks are all ready.